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Dragonus is the gym leader of Gropello Village.

He specializes in poke martial arts, and constantly trains with his pokemon to better understand how theyfight and battle. He, believes that true power is understanding how when to battle, not pure skill alone.

He lives in mountain town, the last town before Gropello Village pass. And since the town is so isolated heoften acts as the towns protector as well as its gym leader.


Ma- the-champ "Hogan"
(Superstar Wrestler)
Loves battle, and specializes in charging the enemy. Often he has more flair than substance, but when he gets serius the chairs start fying. Machamp was The leaders first pokemon.
Snorlax, the Sumo Slama!
(Sumo Wrestler)
A gentle giant, Sumo is just as likely to have a snack and fall asleep as he is to battle.
Breloom, "Tyson"
Tyson is a student of the sweet science of boxing, she always works to set herself for the perfect hay-maker.
Staraptor, the flying "Maverick"
Maverick is a master of strange bird martial arts, that not even his leader can understand. However the effect of his close combat cant be denied.
"Mc. Hitmon" top
(Dance Fighting)
Stu has watched far to many Michal Jackson videos and to many Travolta movies. He see's any opportunity kick ass and dance as golden. Armed with forsight to handle pesky ghosts, he can indeed touch that.
Infernape, "Sun Wukong" the monkey king.
(Wushu Fu Ki Master)
Sun Wukong is a master of wushu ki manipulation, and has trained in various martial forms until he mastered the art of ki manipulation. His firey breath and vacuum fist blow his foes away.

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