Geno9999 is the gym leader of Crispin City.

Geno9999 is the Steel Gym Leader, and often found in the Games Corner which he owns. However, he's often trying to improve his pokemon as well, usually by a daily training sessions with his pokemon.

He lives in Crispin City, but sometimes makes visits to the countryside. While he's a Gym Leader, he was a Game Corner Owner first, and owns an apartment near the building. Whenever he can, he plays a solo game of Voltorb Flip, and there's been rumors that he made a special electronic table for it. However, as a Gym Leader, he feels the need to be it's protector, often trying to fight off any local and national gangs that would otherwise take residence in the city.


Neptune, the Empoleon

This guy had been following Geno9999 since he officially became a pokemon trainer. This empoleon is an imposing figure, and is fircely loyal to his master.

Scar, the Skarmory

This pokemon, like it's namesake, has a scar over one of it's eyes. It often scatters spikes at opponents, but even Geno9999 is not sure where it gets them or where it hids them.

Edward, the Scizor

Edward is a techician, and often shows off it's surprising agility with a bullet punch. If the need arises, it can focus with a swords dance to deliver a powerful boost to it's amazing strength.

Ken, the Lucario

Often found meditating, Ken has mastered a variety of special moves, and will demonstrate their power in combat. Thanks to it's aura senseing, few can escape his strikes.

Heatran, the Volcano pokemon

Geno9999 found this one on a small island near Sinnoh, after it caused a flaming rampage. This pokemon is known to have a temper, so Geno9999 rarely lets it out of it's pokeball without his supervison.

Jirachi, the shooting star

One night, during a meteor shower, this pokemon appeared near Crispin City. Geno9999 immediately took the chance to catch it, and was amazed that contrary to legend, it doesn't go back to sleep after 7 days. However, he noticed that it keeps nodding off, but none of it to a long slumber.

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