Hello everyone! This page shall be used to organize a Round Robin between all the applicants of the league in order to decide league placement. If you're wondering what a Round Robin is, it's a tournament style which involves a participant battle every other participant in the tournament. Scores are tallied based on wins and losses, and those with a higher win ratio will rank better than someone with a lower win ratio. The Top 4 finishers will become the Elite 4 of the league while those who didn't make the cut will be relegated to gym positions. The Elite 4 will be allowed two Pokemon outside of their theme and this tournament shall judge which participants are most worthy of the position. Here are the rules and guidelines of the tournament.

  • Participants shall use their gym teams, but be allowed two Pokemon outside of their theme to imitate their team as an Elite.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to save logs of these tournament matches. In case a victory is reported and is then denied, proof of victory is required to make it stick. If logs cannot be provided in this situation, the two participants involved will be asked to redo their matches.
  • Sleep Clause: Only one Pokemon on the opponent's team can be asleep at any given time (Rest doesn't count). Failiure to abide by this rule results in a match loss.
  • Evasion Clause: Moves that raise evasion (Double Team, Minimize, etc.) are not allowed. Items and abilities, however, are fine. Failiure to abide by this rule results in a match loss.
  • OHKO Clause: Moves that faint opponents' Pokemon regardless of health (Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, etc.) are not allowed. Failiure to abide by this rule results in a match loss.
  • Species Clause: Only one Pokemon of any given species shall be allowed on a team. Failiure to abide by this rule results in a match loss.
  • Self-KO Clause: If a tie occurs due to recoil damage or by means of Explosion/Selfdestruct, the person who initiated the attack shall lose the match.
  • Uber Banlist: Arceus (all forms), Darkrai, Deoxys (all forms), Dialga, Garchomp, Giratina (all forms), Groudon, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Manaphy, Mew, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Salamence, Shaymin (Sky Form), Wobbuffet, and Wynaut are banned. Anyone found using one will be given a match loss and asked to change their team.
  • Please make sure you state that it will be your RR match before battling, that way it doesn't lead to confusion.

Please treat opponents with respect whether you win or lose against them. We're among friends, so we should act like it.

Participant Listing:

Ilnaeas (Retro Theme)

TheTsyMan (Rain Theme)

Geno9999 (Steel Type)

Keeperoflore (Ghost Type)

Bue52 (Nocturnal Theme)

Rikku (Eevee Theme)

Terazul (Poison Type)

Dragonus45 (Martial Artist Theme)

PKF995 (U-Turn Theme)

Goldfly (Flying Type)

Darkblust (Light Theme)

Ethan (Priority Theme)

Please report your matches to PKF995 or Ilnaeas when you finish them.



Ilnaeas vs TheTsyMan (Win)

Ilnaeas vs Geno9999

Ilnaeas vs Keeperoflore (win)

Ilnaeas vs Bue52

Ilnaeas vs Rikku (lost)

Ilnaeas vs Terazul (lost)

Ilnaeas vs Dragonus45 (won)

Ilnaeas vs PKF995 (lost)

Ilnaeas vs Goldfly (Lost)

Ilnaease vs Darkblust (lost)

Ilnaeas vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 3-5


TheTsyMan vs Ilnaeas (Lost)

TheTsyMan vs Geno9999 (Won)

TheTsyMan vs keeperoflore

TheTsyMan vs Bue52 (Won)

TheTsyMan vs Rikku (Won)

TheTsyMan vs Terazul (Lost)

TheTsyMan vs Dragonus45 (Won)

TheTsyMan vs PKF995 (Won)

TheTsyMan vs Goldfly (Lost)

TheTsyMan vs Darkblust (Lost)

The TsyMan vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 5-4


Geno9999 vs Ilnaeas

Geno9999 vs TheTsyMan (Lost)

Geno9999 vs Keeperoflore

Geno9999 vs Bue52 (Won)

Geno9999 vs Rikku

Geno9999 vs Terazul

Geno9999 vs Dragonus45 (Won)

Geno9999 vs PKF995 (Lost)

Geno9999 vs Goldfly (Lost)

Geno9999 vs Darkblust (Lost)

Geno9999 vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 2-3


Keeperoflore vs Ilnaeas (lost)

Keeperoflore vs TheTsyMan

Keeperoflore vs Geno9999

Keeperoflore vs Bue52

Keeperoflore vs Rikku (Lost)

Keeperoflore vs Terazul (Lost)

Keeperoflore vs Dragonus45 (Won)

Keeperoflore vs PKF995 (Lost)

Keeperoflore vs Goldfly (Lost)

Keeperoflore vs Darkblust

Keeperoflore vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 1-5


Bue52 vs Ilnaeas

Bue52 vs TheTsyMan (Lost)

Bue52 vs Geno9999 (Lost)

Bue52 vs Keeperoflore

Bue52 vs Rikku (Won)

Bue52 vs Terazul (Lost)

Bue52 vs Dragonus45 (Lost)

Bue52 vs PKF995 (Lost)

Bue52 vs Goldfly (Won)

Bue52 vs Darkblust (Lost)

Bue52 vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 2-5


Rikku vs Ilnaeas (won)

Rikku vs TheTsyMan (Lost)

Rikku vs Geno9999

Rikku vs Keeperoflore (Won)

Rikku vs Bue52 (Lost)

Rikku vs Terazul (Lost)

Rikku vs Dragonus45 (Lost)

Rikku vs PKF995 (Lost)

Rikku vs Goldfly (Won)

Rikku vs Darkblust (Lost)

Rikku vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 3-6


Terazul vs Ilnaeas (Won)

Terazul vs TheTsyMan (Won)

Terazul vs Geno9999

Terazul vs keeperoflore (Won)

Terazul vs Bue52 (Won)

Terazul vs Rikku (Won)

Terazul vs Dragonus45 (Won)

Terazul vs PKF995 (Lost)

Terazul vs Goldfly (Lost)

Terazul vs Darkblust (Won)

Terazul vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 7-2


Dragonus45 vs Ilnaeas (lost)

Dragonus45 vs TheTsyMan

Dragonus45 vs Geno9999 (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs keeperoflore (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs Bue52 (Won)

Dragonus45 vs Rikku (won)

Dragonus45 vs Terazul (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs PKF995 (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs Goldfly (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs Darkblust (Lost)

Dragonus45 vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 2-7


PKF995 vs Ilnaeas (won)

PKF995 vs TheTsyMan (Lost)

PKF995 vs Geno9999 (Won)

PKF995 vs Keeperoflore (Won)

PKF995 vs Bue52 (Won)

PKF995 vs Rikku (Won)

PKF995 vs Terazul (Won)

PKF995 vs Dragonus45 (Won)

PKF995 vs Goldfly (Won)

PKF995 vs Darkblust (Won)

PKF995 vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 9-1


Goldfly vs Ilnaeas (Won)

Goldfly vs TheTsyMan (Won)

Goldfly vs Geno9999 (Won)

Goldfly vs Keeperoflore (Won)

Goldfly vs Bue52 (Lost)

Goldfly vs Rikku (Lost)

Goldfly vs Terazul (Won)

Goldfly vs Dragonus45 (Won)

Goldfly vs PKF995 (Lost)

Goldfly vs Darkblust (Lost)

Goldfly vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 6-4


Darkblust vs Ilnaeas (Won)

Darkblust vs TheTsyMan (Won)

Darkblust vs Geno999 (Won)

Darkblust vs Keeperoflore

Darkblust vs Bue52 (Won)

Darkblust vs Rikku (Won)

Darkblust vs Terazul (Lost)

Darkblust vs Dragonus45 (Won)

Darkblust vs PKF995 (Lost)

Darkblust vs Goldfly' ' (Win)

Darkblust vs Ethan

Win Ratio: 7-2


Ethan vs Ilnaeas

Ethan vs TheTsyMan

Ethan vs Geno9999

Ethan vs Keeperoflore

Ethan vs Bue52

Ethan vs Rikku

Ethan vs Terazul

Ethan vs Dragonus45

Ethan vs PKF995

Ethan vs Goldfly

Ethan vs Darkblust

Win Ratio:

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